Andros –or else “Small England”, is the largest island in the Cyclades after Naxos island, and is the northernmost island of the Cyclades archipelago. Andros probably got its name from the Minoan times. It is a mountainous island with green valleys, springs and waterfalls. The lush landscape and rich waters gave in Ancient times the name Lassi and Ydroussa.

The island teems with a rich past. In classical times, when Paleopoli was the capital, it had its own currency and in the 11th-12th century AD became famous in the west for its silk production. From the initially small settlement of Chora, Andros was developed within the walls of the castle during the Venetian period. The entrance of the castle can still be seen today, and a wooden bridge connected the village to the castle, which was later replaced by stone.

The architecture combines elements of Chora Byzantine, Venetian and Neoclassical. Chora acquired its neoclassical style at the beginning of the 20th century, when the owners of Andros controlled nearly one quarter of the Greek merchant fleet. Both the geographical position and the affection of the inhabitants to the sea contributed to this glorious naval history and pathway, which has involved major naval families, many seagoing ships, wealth, economic, social and spiritual prosperity all at the same time.

Chora has become one of the most charming capitals of the Aegean – a Small England.

Andros Hotels

Micra Anglia Χώρα 2282022207
Βασιλική Studios Νειμποριό ΠΑΡΑΛΙΑ 2282023547, 6932783447
Irene Villas Νειμποριό 2282023344, 6974383235
Λεωνίδας Πανταζής Νειμποριό 2282022777, 6971985432
Πανσιόν Στέλλα Νειμποριό ΠΑΡΑΛΙΑ 2282022471, 6972271881
Ροδαυγή Νειμποριο ΠΑΡΑΛΙΑ 2282022604, 6976213383
Στυλιανού Rooms Νειμποριό 2282022945, 6974216644
Iro Studios Νειμποριό 2282022905, 6936533468
Alcioni Studios Νειμποριό 2282023652, 6973403934
Ευθυμία Φυρίου Νειμποριό 2282022921
Μυρτώ Apartments Νειμποριό 228023673, 6947130173
Εννέα Μούσες Χώρα 2282023320, 6944632094
Sofis Suites Χώρα 22820724, 6944222569
Ρούλα Καλογρίδου Χώρα 2282024260, 6973479232
Eli Chora Χώρα 2282022213, 6970981234
Karaoulanis Rooms Χώρα 2282024412, 6974460330
Καλημέρα Studios Χώρα 2282024382, 6973087999
Saint Louis Χώρα 2282023965, 6944650169
Πανσιόν Κατσιώτης Νειμποριό 2282022052,6932898663
Νιουνιούσκος Χώρα 2282022612, 6944881640
Villa View Χώρα 2282025046, 6946334841
Rastoni Χώρα 2282022666, 6937424160
Αndros Faros Χώρα 2282022762, 6932373344
Iro Suites Χώρα 2282025150, 6936533468
Filoxenia Anemomylos Χώρα 2282023805, 6979144712
Theodoraki Στενιές 2282023087
Dimitra Στενιές 2282023534, 6945030275
Τζουμέζη Παρασκευή Στενιές 2282023130,6947591797
Πανσιόν Μόσχα Μεσσαριά 2282022391, 6937857941
Afroessa Μεσσαριά 2282022807, 6977927571
Stylianou Zafira Μεσσαριά 2282022975, 6937479191
Χάνδακας Studios Μεσσαριά 2282023365, 6938442540
Μαινάδες Μένητες 2282051585, 6973732335
Aiolos apartments Μένητες 2282051311, 6944521693
Stamatoula Lygizou Μένητες 2282024380, 6948503669
Δρυάδες Studios Λειβάδια 2282022040, 6973338621
Ακρογιάλι Κόρθι 2282061049, 6946095027
Villa Mina Κόρθι 2282061049, 6944106234
Paradise Χώρα 2282022187
Αρχοντικό Ελένη Χώρα ΚΕΝΤΡΙΚΑ 2282022270
Αίγλη Χώρα ΚΕΝΤΡΙΚΑ 2282022060
Νίκη Χώρα ΚΕΝΤΡΙΚΑ 2282029155
Anemomiloi Andros Χώρα ΚΕΝΤΡΙΚΑ 2282029067