In 1967, ten years after the creation of the Yacht Club of Andros and under the leadership of John B. Goulandris (one of the founding members), the international offshore regatta of Andros was launched. Since then the contribution of the Goulandris family has remained loyal to this annual event which takes place every summer (except in 1974) and is one of the largest sailing events in Greece.

Every summer in June, yachts start racing from Faliro in the Saronic Gulf and race to the beautiful island of Andros, a distance of approximately 80 nautical miles. The destination and finish of the first leg is in Chora of Andros.

The route from Faliro to Andros sometimes starts under the local sea breeze, known as “Boukadoura”, sometimes with calm, and sometimes with the more blustery “Meltemi”, but always with what we call a “a star in the spreaders”, meaning with a love for sailing and respect to the sea. The race is often faced with strong winds and under difficult weather conditions, especially after rounding “Cavo Doro”, but the pleasure is to finish in the hospitable town of Chora.

As extracted from an article in “Tachidromos” magazine in 1987, whose staff participated on board the yacht “Phaedra”: “In the amazing twentieth annual Andros Regatta, the sailors gave their battle with the waves and the wind. This year’s race was one of Andros ‘s most adventurous, since the weather was similar to the sport. Enormous waves (6 meters), strong winds (Beaufort Force 8) , intense competition …”

At the press conference, amongst other key factors of the event, special note was made of the social aspect of the race and also of the Club in general, and the article continued, “In the race will participate 25 boats and all the people of the island. We are not interested in the high level of competition, as much as so the children learn to love the sport, ” said the chairman of the Club, Mr Polemis.

After a two-day stay on the island, where the local inshore races are organised, the colourful fleet departs and heads back to finish in the Saronic Gulf. During the weekend the locals are united welcoming visitors and offering their services. The sailors – even the most demanding – are delighted by the good organization, hospitality and above all – in so far as is humanly possible – by the fair play. This enjoyment of the event, may also be because the members of the Yacht Club of Andros always set high and noble goals to deliver the best.