History of the establishment of the Yacht Club of Andros

In 1957, the Yacht Club of Andros was founded, created out of an initiative by the youth of the island of the same name. The Club was established as a foundation, and approved by the elite members of society of Andros, with the support of the City Council of Chora, the capital of Andros.
The concept evolved in 1955, two years before the club’s foundation, when the youth whose heritage and traditions had their roots in the sea, called for the creation of a sailing club where they could meet and share their love of water sports. Their inspiration, vision, passion and desire became reality with the full support – both moral and material of the Municipal Council and the wealthy families of Andros.
Η Άννα Μαρία απονέμει κύπελλα

Anna Maria gives the prizes

In 1956, the then Mayor, Michael S. Polemis, led the City Council’s decision to grant a location by the sea, in Neiborio, to the north of the town. A small ruined stone pier was the base on which the Club was built.

The now deceased architect Anthony D. Kriezis took onboard the project management as a volunteer, and supervised the construction of the building of the Club. Later adjacent sheds and old warehouses were transformed for storage of the club boats.

Χριστίνα Ωνάση

Christina Onassis

O Σπύρος Μ. Πολέμης με τον Επ. Λογοθέτη και τον Νίκο Κακλαμανάκη.

Nikos Kaklamanakis, Nontas Logothetis and Spiros Polemis

Affluent Naval families (such as the Goulandris, Empeirikos, Kampanis, Polemis, Vogiatzidis, Vrontisis, Gkoumas, Daniolou , Karapiperi , Karystinaki, Kasimati, Kondylis, Kydonieos, Logothetis, Palaiokrassas, Porfyratou, Pallas, Stamatiadis, Trikoglou) supported the project and sailors made donations. There was massive support behind the project, with huge charitable efforts and lots of volunteers, and in 1957 the building works were finished.

The statutes of the club were established and formalized and in record time the club opened its doors and started operating. Since then, the Club has become the hub and central point for water sports in Andros. Hundreds of children learn to sail here and many have gone on to excel in top positions at national and European events. The joy in the eyes of these children who learn to sail and enjoy the beauty of the sport and being out in the elements has always been the major motivation to continue.

Ο Vittorio Emanuelle, ο Κωνσταντίνος, ο Juan Carlos, ο Φώτης Λύκερδόπουλος

Vittorio Emanuelle, Constantinos, Juan Carlos and Fotis Lykiardopoulos

John Goulandris, Dolly and Nikos Goulandris

The members of the Board, all sailors themselves, take their responsibility seriously and with dedication and love to steer the club forwards, holding firmly onto its rudder.

They are all volunteers who faithfully serve the Yacht Club of Andros and promote the club, with an emphasis on water sports and social integration. They contribute to the development of close relations between the clubs’ members and encourage them to reach out to others in order to feel members of a wider family of Andros. The locals are proud of their Club and enjoy the facilities and community it offers. Many of the original founders are still actively involved in the events of the Club and are a source of inspiration for all.

Along with the younger members they contribute to the maintenance and renovation of the Yacht Club of Andros, something that is important and equally touching to see. Long may the naval spirit be a driving force behind the future of the Yacht Club of Andros.

Ο Κων/νος & η Άννα Μαρία στον Αφανή Ναύτη

Constantinos and Anna Maria at the Afanis Naftis Square